Saturday, March 7, 2015

Barrettes, Bows, Hair Ties, Head Band Organizing Ideas

Lovely practical be ideas, helpful tips for organizing children's closets.  This will defiantly get the gray cells working on even more thoughts and ideas.

I like to be organized and have places for everything.  I just makes life easier and when life is easier your mind isn't cluttered and you have time for other things.    

If you have problems keeping up with these little pretties, your not alone.  I have found some pretty ingenious ideas that I want to share.   Some of these I found on Etsy and others from Blogs.... thanks for all your great ideas!


Here is your blank canvas.... how will you organize and create your space?

I really like this one... because you take along with you.  It also looks like you have room for hair ties, barrettes, bows, headbands, brush and comb and such!  Thanks for such a great idea.
Here from is a beautiful well organized case. 

These give me many ideas....  I just love repurposed items.


Here is a couple of clean slates, how would you hang all your little girls pretties?  
Thanks to all who have made these beautiful organizers for our little girls to store their pretties....whether they be bows, barrettes, hair ties,  head band and such! 

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