Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Quest for a Child's Tea Pot Set ~ Part 2

Tea Sets..... Tea Sets..... Tea Sets.....
Miss Katelyn Grace has been so fascinated with my silver tea set that sits on the dining room table... from such an early age.  I knew that I would need to find her one of her very own.  She would try to climb up into the dining room chair to get to the tea set when she wasn't even walking yet! 
Then when she was able  to climb up into the chair... it was all over.  Nana gave in and let her play with it with supervision and continued to look for a child's silver tea set.
Wm Rogers and Son "Paris"
(estimated age late 20's)

As you can see by looking at the picture... I've been busy making some more fragrant soap wedding favors.

While looking for a silver tea set for my granddaughter, I found many very pleasing tea sets.  Here are just a few I'll share with you here below.
This is a Charming Little Tea Set

The Trianon Pattern by International Silver Company

Mulholland Bros

I really like this pattern, it is a art deco design from Rogers Co.  I've never seen it as a whole tea set.... just this pitcher.


 252 by Hardy & Hayes
3-Piece Mini Tea Set (includes mini tea pot, creamer and open sugar bowl) 

Vintage 5 Piece Sheffield Art Deco Silver Plate Coffee Tea Service with TRAY

This is a beautiful Nouveau tea set .... a nice spiral pattern! 
I have always like the art deco and nouveau styles.

We'll just found Miss Gracie silver child's tea set on Etsy..... Oh how I just love Etsy!
At a really nice price too!
When I gave the tea set to her she got so excited... she started singing tea party, tea party and dancing around the family room, saying Nana let's have a tea party..... fill it up, fill it up! 
I think I made her day... that day!
Gracie and Nana will have many tea parties in the garden with the rabbits and squirrels this year!



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