Saturday, May 25, 2013

Children's Activity ~ How to make a Pinwheel Toy

We recently made pinwheels.  The children just loved them, they had so much fun making their pinwheels... so I decided to do a blog about pinwheels and their diversity in styles.  They are such great little toys.

The Pin-less Pinwheel... Great for children... no sharp pins!

Pin-less Pinwheel

This website has many free craft ides for projects!  
Here is the link so you can check it out... Here is a tutorial from Craft Ideas .

 Another great site for children's projects of all sorts is Artists helping children.  What an awesome site packed full of many, many days of activites.

These are the coolest pinwheel ever, they have so much character.  I would like to give Heather Baily  a special thanks for sharing her pinwheel toy project with us... it is awesome! 

Scissor Craft is another great site for unlimited children's craft projects.

Firework's and Music Pinwheel


 This site has many different paper snowflake craft activities for young children, here is there Old-Fashioned Paper Snowflake Pinwheel Craft Project They have several different patterns you can choose for your project.


Another great site for children's crafts is Craft Jr .  Here is just a few of their variations of their pinwheels.

Click here for
See Through Pinwheels.

Direction for a Pinwheel Garden.

Pinwheel Treat Bags

Pinwheel Flower Centerpiece

A Pinwheel Card

 Pinwheel Favors - A colorfully striped pinwheel that can be used as a favor at a child's party or as a room wall decoration.

 Modern Pinwheel - Parental guidance and help may be needed in the cutting process of this easy art craft project.

Flower Pinwheel Bouquet – These are not just dainty summer toys but decorative art pieces as well. Follow this easy guide to making your own pinwheel bouquet.

I would have really like to have found this style pinwheel tutorial above.  If anyone knows where I can get it please let me know.  I really like this one!

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