Saturday, March 16, 2013

Awesome Fun Cook Off with Friends and Family - First Ever

A couple months ago, a group of my friends and family were talking about the Iron Chef cook off show.  They thought it would be fun to do a cook off amongst each other.  They agreed and started planning for their cook off.  The decision for the main ingredient...  became Oranges since we live in Southern California where oranges are very plentiful.  This decision was made because none of them had ever seen oranges used as the main ingredient on the show.   
There was such a large group that wanted to participate, that there was five teams of three people.  Each team was given a choice of either making an Entree or an  Appetizer and Dessert.
Three teams decided on an Entree and two teams decided on an Appetizer and Dessert.  One of the teams that fix an Entree also decided to do an Appetizer of their own design for a nice fun twist, taking more of an Avantgarde approach!  

Team 1 - Stephanie D, Latrice, and Olivia

Orange Braised Short Ribs

Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella and Orange dipped in Orange Vinaigrette

Team 2 - Kathy and Kenyotta
Grilled Salmon w/ Citrus Salsa Verde

Team 3 - Brittney, Alex, and Marissa

Stuffed French Bread Orange Pizza Rustica

Orange Cheesecake

Team 4 - Danielle, Elsa, and Karen

Orange Herb Pot Roast

Team 5 - Stephanie R, Beverly, and Lorean
Spicy Orange Glazed wings w/ Citrus mayo Dipping Sauce
Orange Cream Pound Cake w/ Sweet Orange Drizzle

We had such a wonderful time and everyone wanted to share their excitement and experience with you.... by sharing their recipes.  I will post pictures of each dish along with the corresponding recipe over the next month and a half!

They all commented that this was a real nice way to spend time with one another with a fun twist! 

Here is the scorecard that we made up for the cook off below.

Our Judges
Selena, Ken, and Dora
And our very own Commentator,

And we don't want to leave out our photographers,

Nick and Miss Katelyn Grace

Recipes following over the next few weeks! 

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